Thursday, November 20, 2014

The earth crossed the line of sustainability

Originally posted on Ex Unitate Vires

At this time, when we are nearing the 2015 initiative to make poverty history,
the increasing unsustainable growth of humanity is squashing that dream of ever being realized.

Seventy five percent of the human population is struggling to survive.

There simply are not enough resources to continue feeding the world at the current poverty crises rate;
Let alone when poverty is history and everyone can financially afford to buy food.

Humanity has to reduce its birth rate and strive for a zero population growth.

There is not enough space on earth to grow food to end hunger without destroying
our natural resources that is already at unsustainable level.   

There is an urgency to address two main problems.
1.    The glut among high earners and
2.    The birth rate of the poverty-stricken masses.

We need to strive for only live child per woman.

Every birth should consciously be planned and every child should have the right to enjoy all that the earth and her environment has to offer. 

It is time that we are educated to become responsible for the space we occupy on earth.

The power of the future should be in our hands.

Have you ever thought how much fish the world harvest from the sea for human consumption each day



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